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g722.1 encode/decode

Hi, I just looked at the umc_speech_rtp_codec example and I have a few questions:
1. As far as I know g722.1 could be 16,24,32,48 bitrate, when I am runing this sample with decoder and captured g722.1 stream do I have to supply the bitrate of the stream or ipp could determine it somehow from the payload ?
2. Same question but now I am using the OCS RTA ?
3. Since payload type could not be determined by reading rtpheader, does IPP could handle it or I have to know the payload bitrate in order to decode this buffers to g711 or linear ?
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Hi Andrey,

Theumc_speech_rtp_codec IPP sampledoes not automatically conclude a bitrateout ofpayload what is feasibleof course for mostcases once acodec is identified by"-format" option.

ForIPP_G711U (IPP_G711A), IPP_GSMFR, IPP_MSRTAnb_FP andIPP_MSRTAwb_FPcodecs a bitrate is known tobe64000, 13000, 8800 and 18000 respectively so "-r" option is just ignored.For codecs with variablebitrates(IPP_G722.1, IPP_G723.1 etc) a bitrate eitherderived fromoption "-r" orsetby default toone of supprted bitrates.

IPP speech codecs
Thanks Vyacheslav,

My issue in general is: Lets say that I want to record g722.1 packets and since they are using dynamic payload it is impossible to determine the payload type form the RTP header and therefore I could not know the bitrate of the stream, so my question is when I am trying to decode the g722.1 buffers to linear do I have to specify the bitrate or the ipp can handle it and somehow could determine the bitrate of variable bitrates or have to explicitly define if it is not default one ?