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g9 processor type??



I'm trying to upgrade a version of the older ippopencv dll wrapper for the ipp library. I havewrappings for the following processor types p8,v8,t7, and w7 working fine. I am having problems trying to add support for the processor type s8. The libraries don't have any functions calls with _s8_ in the name (the other processors have functions of this type), but thereare a number of_g9_ processor functions. I don't see any reference to a g9 processor type anywhere,are thesein fact the functions for the s8 processor?

This is ipp 6.1 build 4.



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Hi Jay,

_s8_processors functions are available in IPP Package forthe Intel AtomTM processor. You can find this package from the Intel Registration Center.



Hi Gennady,

Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place but I can't find anything specific to the Atom at the registration center (the Intel site has some mention of an IPP for Atom for linux though). Is this something extra that has to be purchased?

The documentation in the version I currently have (IPP for windows 6.1(4) package foria-32) seems to indicate that the Atom package is already included in whatI have. Also I have dll's that include the s8 processor type (for example ippis8-6.1.dll), it is just the *merged.lib static libraries (for example ippimerged.lib) don't contain any _s8_ functions while the other processor tyes are all present. The libraries do contain_g9_ functions, but there are no dll's for the g9 processor type (or mention of that type in the documentation) .




The Atom for Linux package is an Atom-specific slice of the library (s8/n8 => 32-bit/64-bit) that is only distributed for Linux. It is very similar to the v8/u8 slice (current Atom processors are based on that architecture plus a few additional instructions). The Atom processor will run on the v8/u8 slice, so you should have what you need.

The g9/e9 slice is for AVX-compatible processors, which have not yet been commercially released. The support for AVX in the 6.1 version of the library is very limited. More complete support for AVX will be provided in the next major release (7.0) of the library. I recommend that you do not incorporate the g9/e9 slice into your DLL at this time, due to it's limited support and the fact that you will not see any hardware that can utilize it. In fact, you have to jump through some special hoops to even activate that slice in the normal IPP distribution.


p.s. The s8/n8 DLL files you find are indeed specifically for Atom, we only distribute them as part of the DLL package and the Atom for Linux package. In the static libraries the v8/u8 slices are used. Confusing, I know. Being addressed to be simpler in future versions. :)