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ippiHoughLine - reading hough line pixel count from the working buffer


Does anyone know if it's possible to read the edge pixel counts or other useful information out of the working buffer in the ippiHoughLine ippiHoughLine_8u32f_C1R subroutine?

It would be nice to know the edge pixel counts along each detected hough line to make further processing of the lines faster. Detected lines that are almost overlapping (angle less than some value, and r also less than some value) could have their pixel counts compared, and the line with less counts could be removed.

The other alternative I can think of is to count the number of pixels in the image along every detected line, but since that count should already be in the buffer, it would probably be faster to read the values out of the buffer instead of re-traverse through all the lines and counting the pixels.

Does anyone know the layout of the data in the buffer?

My project is to try to find squares with a given size in an image, and find their centers. I currently detect all the lines in the image, find two that are parallel and the correct distance apart, and then find two that are perpendicular to the first two, parallel to each other and the correct distance apart, and then do a parametric intersect on each of the perpendicular lines and then find the center of those four intersections.

If anyone has any other thoughts or suggestions, I would love to hear them.

Thank you,

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Sorry, no simple answer to this question.
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