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raw PCM audio test files available?



I am new to IPP and would like to build a sample audio streaming application as a test harness for an embedded systems project. I am using IPP on Windows and am able to compile the speech codec sample.

I wanted to know if there are any sample PCM audio test files available for download (or can you point to some source). I want to build an application that reads PCM data from disk, encodes it using some encoder and uses RTP to send it over the network. In the reverse route, it would write a decoded PCM file to disk.

I used some sample .WAV files with the speech codec sample, but get the following error:

Staticly loaded codec: IPP_G711U
Loaded IPP_G711U format description

FAIL:Unsupported PCM type: 16 bps, 2 channels 22050 sample freq by IPP_G711U codec

The README.HTM file says that the codec requires raw PCM data only at 8/16 kHZ. Are there such sample PCM files available?

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IPP does not provide sample files for speech coding, but you may easily records your own WAV test files, as spech codec supports WAV of a frequency depending on format chosen, for example 8 KHz for narrow band codecs (G711, G729 etc), 16 KHz for wide band codecs (G722, AMRWB etc).

Stereo does not supported by the speech codec samples.

Vyacheslav, IPP, speech coding

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