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Biological Algorithms optimization



I have a question that could be probably answered by some active Forum user.

I write in name of a Company that works with biological algorithms and would like to know if Intel has a Library that could optimize his process. They spend an amount of time for getting his software answering a given question, because of the huge amount of information he has on the data base he needs. So he would love to get the internal loop (benchmarks) he uses for the comparisons as an optimized assembler code or even to cooperate with Intel to build this kind of library. Could somebody help us with this?

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A typical way to proceed would be to use open source libraries (or create them, if needed). As you're probably aware, Intel supports performance libraries including IPP and MKL which have their own forums neighboring this one, and are included with compiler distributions.
Prior to writing assembly code, it's probably useful to make representative benchmarks and profile them with open source tools such as gprof, maybe oprofile, and Intel tools such as VTune Amplifier. If you find specific sections of code where you want expert suggestions, you can get help on appropriate language forums, including the neighbor forums of this one.
If your applications gain sufficient acceptance to become a significant part of equipment selection criteria, or if the value to your company justifies engaging a consultant, further steps could be considered.
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Quoting albert_s.
...I write in name of a Company that works with biological algorithms...

Hi Albert,

Are these Open Source algorithms? If Yes, I would be interested to look at. Please provide more details if you can.

Best regards,
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