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Hyperthreading off?!

Im using an asus PC-DL deluxe mainboardwith 2 Xeon 2.66 GHz on it,running @ 3.12 GHz. After some hard power-downs (damn fuse) i had to reset my raid and so reinstall my win-xp pro.
And here is the problem:
After reinstalling the system the task-manager only shows 2 CPUs, but with hyperthreading enabled it should be 4
i tried:
switching ht off by bios, boot, shutdown switching on and boot again - no success
updating the BIOS to the latest version - nosuccess
Is it possible that the installation of win-xp does not support ht? (maybe i used another installation disk before, i dont remember)
Is it possible that this installation of win-xp shows the 2 HT-CPUs as one?
How can i check if HT working fine but the os crap or the other way?
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Did you install the service packs? (Microsofts)

Did you install ASUS motherboard specific drivers?

You might be missing something to detect and turn on the 2nd processor chipset (2nd and 3rd logical processors).

Jim Dempsey

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