Intel® Moderncode for Parallel Architectures
Support for developing parallel programming applications on Intel® Architecture.

Intel Threading Tools v2.2 released

Intel Thread Checker
  • Helps you create threaded applications quickly by identifying shared and private variable conflicts.
  • Locates threading errors before they occur with an intuitive understanding of threaded application behavior.
  • Isolates threading bugs to the source code line where the bug occurs, showing you exactly where in your program threading errors are likely to happen.
  • Describes possible causes of threading errors and suggested solutions with one-click diagnostic help.
Intel Thread Profiler
  • Shows your applications critical path as it moves from thread to thread, helping you decide how to use threads more efficiently.
  • Identifies synchronization issues and excessive blocking time that cause delays for Win32, POSIX threaded and OpenMP code.
  • Shows you thread workload imbalances.
  • Maximizes threaded application performance by maximizing application time spent in parallel regions.
The Intel Threading Tools product page contains additional information plusa product demo, an online tutorial, and extensive documentation on threading.
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