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Max CPUID Value Limit issue


i have an intel dp45sg mobo + an intel Q9550 QuadCore Processor running over it.

since a recent OS update, if the bios item Max CPUID Value Limit is disabled, windows won't boot. but if i enable that item, everything goes fine.

i'm talking about windows 7 ultimate 64 bits, and my question is:

would the overall speed/performance of my system (in general or in particular) be affected by leaving Max CPUID Value Limit enabled in the bios?

i haven'trealize any loss of performance, or noticeable change,yet. buthave read that (unlessusing old operating systems, which is not my case) the right thing is to leave that option disabled...

finally: i'mnot using "intel processor identification utility",nor planning to use it, and under device managerthe system correctlyreports thefour 2.83 GHz cores of the Q9550. my main activities with this system are related tophoto and hd movieediting with adobe cs4 creative suite.

thanks in advance for the answer/s!

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