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Mega Problems with Hyperthreading.

Everything doesn't work.
Heres a little history.
I have a MSI 800 series 865P Board.
I have 512 of DDR ram
I have a 64 meg ATI video card.
I run Windows XP Professional updated on build 2600.
My chip got wrecked (2.4 intel) and I bought the 2.60 HyperThreading one.
(800FSB, 512 cache, 2.60 with hyperthread)
I reinstalled windows as a fresh install to use the HT technology and that was fine.
It detected both CPUs of HT, and the BIOS it was enabled and all was well.
Keep in mind, everything is updated. Windows is pumped upddated, so is everything else. (Cept my USB devices)
Now I got to run any application and it crashes. It crashes 50% on IE. I go to run a .net application and it crashes the crap out of it. I go to run DXDIAG and it crashes.
Now I have tried close to everything, Ive tried it with disabling from bios, still crashes. Ive tried swaping parts. The motherboard does support it. The ram is good. The server ran for 4 months with no problems until this new chip. I cant get it to do anything except sit at a blank windows.
Any suggestions? Ive tried close to all of it, and I cant get it going.
Any other OS's have high success rates with using this chip and little problems? I will do almost anything, I just wasted alot of money on this chip and so far, I cant do anything.
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Nightshadex -

The best thing I can tell you would be to return the processor and get another from your supplier. Or can you find a friend's machine that could support the CPU and test to see if yours in her machine will cause similar problems? (Be sure to back up your friend's data before trying this.)

My home system is similar to what you have (same processor and OS), and I've had no problems with it so far. It still has the original OS installation, so I couldn't say if that might not cause the problems you are seeing. If you get the same problems with and without HT, I don't think that is the direct cause.

Can you bring the system up in "safe" mode and have any better success? If it is not a bad processor, there would seem to be a million different interactions between OS, processor, drivers, and other support programs that could be causing your problems. I'm no expert in troubleshooting Windows, but the few times I've had to work through things like this, it was to remove some driver or other application that was causing problems.

Good luck.

-- clay

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