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Parallel Programming


I m graduate in computer sc. but hv very little knowledge of parallel programming. i do hv read subjects on parallel computing. but practically i know nothing. i wish to explore the field of parallel programming. but required hardware support is needed to makea parallel program worth it. so far i hv worked on simple desktop computer and networks of autonomous systems each having a processor chip, ram, hard disk etc. i wish to know about the configuration of a system to run a parallel progam on it. i mean a system having two or more processors, memory etc. As far as i perceive a network having 2 or more autonomous systems can also be made to behave like a multiprocessor system that can work together to run a parallel program by explicitly executing a portion of a program on one processor and other portion on another processor and then combine the results through parallel program. Am i right? can i use a network to run an explicit parallel progam on it.. and what language should i use to do parallel programming? Thanx.

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Parallel programming on a cluster system with network connection most often uses MPI, but may use Intel Cluster OpenMP, or, possibly, something like Fortran 2008 co-arrays or UPC. Parallel programming for a multi-core system most often uses threading, such as OpenMP or TBB. Fortran, C, and C++ are in widespread use for both MPI and OpenMP programming, with large programs commonly using 2 of them. "hybrid" combinations of MPI and OpenMP are becoming increasingly important.
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