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Parallelcompression library was updated to version 2.16 ...



Parallelcompression library was updated to version 2.16 , i have
just changed the code inside my threadpool.pas engine inside the
parallel compression zipfile to not use work-stealing , cause work-stealing
will cause a deadlock in parallelcompression library, so please use the
threadpool engine that i have provided you inside the parallelcompression zipfile.


Parallel compression library implements Parallel Gzip , Parallel Bzip ,
Parallel LZMA and Parallel LZ algorithms using my Thread Pool Engine.

You can download my ParallelCompression library version 2.16 from:

Thank you.

Amine Moulay Ramdane.

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I will try to clarify more this problem that i have solved in
version 2.16 ...

If you take a look inside the parallelcompression zipfile,
inside the file parallelgzip.pas, you will notice that i am using a threadpool
engine and inside the TCallbacks.GzipCompress() method i am using
GZCompressStream() outside the critical section , this is good for
scalability, but inside the same method i am using also a critical section
like this:
If TParallelGzip(Tjob(obj).obj).count_compress = Tjob(obj).index
// i am using some code here
until false;

as you have noticed , in this critical section i am testing like this:
If TParallelGzip(Tjob(obj).obj).count_compress = Tjob(obj).index
and if you read carefully the code inside parallelgzip.pas you will
notice that since i am using a critical section like this , and using
a threadpool engine, the threadpool engine mustnot use work-sealing
or this will cause a deadlockinsidethe TCallbacks.GzipCompress() method,
so to correct this problem i had to use for example a FIFO queue for
each worker thread to enhance the scalability and completly avoid
work-stealing (from the LIFO Stacks.or FIFO Queues).

Thank you for your time.

Amine Moulay Ramdane.

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