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Penryn (Wolfdale and Yorkfiled)???

Hello all,
I was shopping for a new mobo and ran across some that only support the Penryn (Wolfdale and Yorkfiled).

What is a Penryn (Wolfdale and Yorkfiled)?

Thanks in advance.
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Wolfdale is the dual core Penryn CPU for dual socket servers (successor to Woodcrest). Yorkfield is the Penryn version of the desktop single socket quad core (Core 2 Quad). It's possible the Wolfdale could run on a single socket motherboard, although I'm not aware of any examples. A motherboard which supports one of themwould likelyalso support the older equivalent version, possibly with reduced FSB rating, but their seems little point in buying a new motherboardif you don't intend to use the new CPU it was designed for.

For applications which exercise memory bandwidth, the higher available Penryn FSB rating (1333Mt/s forYorkfield, 1600 for dual socket Wolfdale dual core and Harpertown quad core)oftengives more advantage than the other performance improvements.

Penryn also features major improvements in performance for a few instructions, notably divide and square root, as well assome new instructions (SSE 4.1). Yes, as they are all multi-core, they do support threaded applications.