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Process terminates invoked from Thread checker

Hi All,
When I launch my application from thread checker tool then it collects the information then terminates it and I want to duplicate ths issue by making test calls etc...
Let me explain the application. It's MFC based multithreaded application designed for telephony system which incorporates other telephony libraries and custom DLLs. All works fine with Single processor system and when I use hyper threading or
Xeon multiprocessor(Dual CPU) system then some of the threads starts misbehaving after sometime in test. It can be some where race condition or memory etc...
Does anyone has good experience in hyperthreading/multiprocessor(SMP) systems ?
Any help greatly appreciated.
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bsingh -
After the data collection is completed, do you get any diagnostic results? Or does the termination of your code in Thread Checker occur before any analysis of the running app can be done?
If you can compile the code with the Intel compilers, you can do a source code instrumentation (use /Qtcheck flag) and run the application outside of Thread Checker. This should generate an analysis file that can be read into Thread Checker.
Another option would be to try running the application, but not launching it from Thread Checker. You will need to instrument the code and any libraries that are used from within Thread Checker. To do this, set up an activity, but uncheck the "Launch an application" box. Be sure to add the executable and libraries to the Modules of Interest box and have the tool do the binary instrumentation. When you run this activity, a dialog box will pop up to let you know it is time to run the executable. Click "Ok" and start your application as you normally would. When the app finishes, click the "stop" button in Thread Checker. This will stop data collection and begin the process of compiling and displaying the analysis results.
If you're still having problems, your best bet would be to submit the problem to Intel Premier Support (, which you should have an account with when you registered the product.
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