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Using Eclipse with the 2017 toolchain


I have the need for a debugger running on a Linux system and was successful in loading the compiler toolchain into the eclipse environment.  I need to debug MPI, OpenMP, OpenACC, and eventually KNL based systems, but I am starting with MPI and having little luck.  I can't find any tutorials on eclipse that has helped.  To start, there are so many variants of eclipse it's not clear which to start with.  A little assistance on how to get started would be great.


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I am using Eclipse Neon. It works reasonably well. You have to be sure that the environment variables are sourced properly before starting eclipse.

I've also noticed that (for Fortran program) the break point set doesn't seem to work prior to starting the debug session. The break point set indicator (Dot on left margin) will toggle in the edit mode but it does not set at the required location. The dot size is different depending on where you set the break (in editor mode or in debug mode). Setting breaks in a shared library (at least for me) is only effective after the library loads. As an aid, I insert a do nothing function and place a call at the start of the main/PROGRAM, then step into the .so and set the break points. Interestingly, once set, the debugger remembers them (until next build of the library).

MPI debugging is a bit difficult. It usually requires an instance of the debugger running on each rank (use attach to process). For me, it is easiest to debug using a single rank.

Jim Dempsey

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