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problem of running WRF with 2+ threads on Mac

Hi everyone,
I have a problem of running WRF on my Mac pro with Lion (Xcode 4.2). I am using intel fortran composer XE and GCC (4.2).

I am able to run WRF in serial mode or in smpar mode with single thread. But segmentation fault occurs (forrtl: severe (174): SIGSEGV, segmentation fault occurred) when i try to run it with 2 or more threads. After a lot searching, the most possible reason seems to be about the stack size.I did "unlimit" in the command line, which is supposed to free the stack size, but there is hard upper limit in mac (64MB). Then Iadjusted LDFLAGS_LOCAL option in configure.wrf, increasing-stack_sizeto 0x1F0000000 (about 8GB). Thus ifort compile wrf.exe with the adjusted stack size. However, I still cannot make it run with 2+ threads and get the same error.

Any help or advice is truly appreciated.

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There are several writeups about WRF with ifort which you can find simply by putting WRF in the ISN search block at the top of this page. They should include advice about stack vs. heap-arrays option. There is also more comprehensive advice about resolving seg faults posted at the top of the Fortran forum, where you are more likely to get suitable advice after you have worked with the posted advice.
Execution stack size is a run time option which has nothing to do with recompiling.
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