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Been trying for a long time to get this Optane installed. Help?


Everything is good to go on my system And I mean everything. However, one big problem. When I physically install the Optane and then try to boot up the OS becomes inaccesable plus it does something to the boot area of the OS drive so even if I take the Optane module out of the M2 slot it's a nightmare to rescue the drive and use the OS again. I'd love some help. Thanks.

Intel I 7700, Gigabyte Aorus GA-Z270-GaminngK7.DDR4-20GB,, Hard drive is Samsung evo 850. Windows 10 pro, I've attached the support data request.

OK since nobody knew what to say I'll let those interested in knowing how I solved this. I went to some of the other people's questions about all the intricacies that must be just right for this to work. There are a lot of incidental things for each type of motherboard that isn't included in the generic installation video. If ANY setting isn't correct it not only will not work but it screws up your System drive. Make plenty of clones is my suggestion before you get started. Must have the correct -latest hardware and software installed- you need to check all details in your motherboard's settings. The hard thing is if you change things too soon your OS cannot boot. So be careful in every tiny step of the instructions. Once I got all the setting s just right it claimed it could not find the octane module. I had left it blank (unallocated) from the factory thinking the software would take care of that. OH NO can't assume anything. So I formatted it into a basic disk (who knew?) GPT of course. Then all was finally good.

Seems to me there needs to be some streamlining and consolidation. I think I'm an above average skilled home computer person, maybe not. I'll tell you It' took me to the brink. Once everything changes to UEFI without the old legacy settings something like this will be pretty simple. It's with 2 types of settings for one OS it can easily get confusing and messed up. Oh but by then UEFI will be legacy. Never mind

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