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Dual boot from BIOS with Optane Memory

I have a new Asus Prime Z370-a with Intel i7-8700K CPU; Intel SSD6 (512Gb) and an Intel Optane Memory 32Gb. On my computer I also have an 1TB HDD .

My plan isto install my Work OS on the SSD6. My gaming OS should be on the HDD and pair this with the Optane Memory.

I found that I cannot do dual boot from Windows, but the big question is:

is i possible to chose which of the two systems to boot into from the BIOS (UEFI)?

Kind Regards 

Carsten Sihm

PS: What does "Optane" actually means?

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Community Manager

Hello Carsten Sihm,



Thanks for posting in our communities.



Please bear in mind that Intel® Optane™ memory can only accelerate a single SATA boot drive containing Windows 10*. In this case, you'll have to install the OS on the HDD (a separate installation from your work OS).



Usually, when you have two or more boot devices, the system allows you to select which one to boot. You can prioritize one boot device over another on the boot options at the UEFI/BIOS, or access the boot menu to manually select the device (on your board, press F8 when the ASUS* logo shows up).



As for the product name (Intel® Optane™) this is just the commercial name for our current storage and memory solutions using 3D XPoint™ technology.



Best regards,


Eugenio F.