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Need help with optane


Ok, I'm at a loss with the installation of my new optane drive. I cannot believe how counter intuitive this is after trying to solve this after reading the forums. I have all the necessary requirements for it to work (7th gen cpu, optane ready board) I'll go in order of how I went about this.

Installed optane drive in the m.2 slot booted up, ran the setupoptane.exe

Error says unsupported bios mode.

Went to bios and updated to optane supported version (0615 for asus b250m-a prime) booted back up

Same error, went into bios and enabled RST rather than AHCI (or whatever it was)

Go to boot up and windows won't boot and says inaccessible boot device.

I figured out that it won't boot while in RST mode. Same thing when I turn off csm mode like you're apparently suppose to.

Plz someone help, I'm ready to return this stupid thing...

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Ok update. So I guess you have to have your drive in GPT not mbr...... No idea how to convert my drive without wiping all my data, and only disk I have is win 7 ultimate. Anyone?



"convert from mbr to gpt without data loss"

In google search and you will find many solutions.

But remember that the change you need is not totally safety from risk to lose your data. So I suggest you to find a friend to back-up almost your important and not recoverable data, remember also that a free account google give you up to 15 Gb of cloud space




Sigh; you're (Antonino) so condescending. Intel did a **terrible** job at letting customers know this then peoples like you shift them blame onto the customer for not knowing.

There are two solutions for you (and this problem in particular) my kind sir, Vella31.

before you do all that it is worth a try to see if windows is already UEFI. This next step will be forced anyways, and DO THIS BEFORE THE INSTALLATION OF WINDOWS (if you are doing that).

Try and find some sort of Legacy BIOS, "CSM" boot option. This is a little different for each BIOS and on Asus ClickBIOS it is under Advanced-->Boot-->CSM Support--> and disable it altogether. This makes it so you cannot install MBR windows and the installation wont do it. Also, before you install/Change MBR to GPT try and boot windows this way; if it can't boot up windows without the drive in then you'll need to reinstall windows. Undo your option and back up your files. (Then before installation do this again). If you can boot windows on CSM disabled that should fix your problem.

There are two types of common ways for the OS to boot; legacy BIOS and UEFI ways. The first uses an MBR, the second uses GPT. There is no official and easy way to fix this all, but it can be done with a little work (It is a lot easier if you internet is good to just redownload software..)

You can, follow his instruction and follow this tutorial (which for me WAS NOT the prime option):

For me this wasn't the prime, as I didn't have much data on my window install, and it was a pain to download stuffs. Since I had installation media lying around..

Or, you can redownload windows to a disk/USB/SD Card drive or use your existing flash drive. If you are not 100% sure on tossing windows on flash drives (it is a little weirder than Windows->Linux, or using Linux to Linux which is really easy.)

To download official windows 10 ISOs, you can go to Download Windows 10 Disc Image (ISO File) but seeing you have windows seven you *might* wanna keep it. I would suggest creating a list of softwares you want to redownload to make your life easier, back up files and possible larger downloads on another hdd or something. (Such as game Downloads, or steam files [games in steam with local data]). How to Create Bootable USB Drives and SD Cards For Every Operating System

If you wanna refresh on your USB/SD card ISO burning. You can also use built in windows tools if you have a CD.

Took me a steep learning curve about all this shit intel has done, and really I think intel did a shitty job on Optane.. Not everybody uses GPT.


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Hello Vella31,



We would like to know if you were able to install the Intel® Optane™ Memory and if it is working fine. We'll be waiting for your response.





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Hello Vella31 and all,

Please find the following information about how to install Intel® Optane™ Memory:

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- Error Codes and Messages While Enabling and Disabling Intel® Optane™...

We understand there should be some issues while installing Intel® Optane™ Memory due to compatibility or setup settings. With the links above we are sure you can install it properly.

Please keep us posted here.



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