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Problem with Sysprep after installed Intel Optane application by Microsoft Store


In am preparing a Windows 10 1909 image in a notebook with Optane 16GB for mass production. As the Optane software will be End of Life soon for download by Intel's site, I just installed the Optane driver "f6flpy-x64" and downloaded and installed the Optane Management by Microsoft Store. The problem is when I try to do the system preparation using sysprep, it shows me a error message "SYSPRP Package AppUp.IntelOptaneMemoryandStorageManagement_17.8.1007.0_x64__8j3eq9eme6ctt was installed for a user, but not provisioned for all users. This package will not function properly in the sysprep image.

Error SYSPRP Failed to remove apps for the current user: 0x80073cf2." and the sysprep is not finished. See attached image.

Is there anyone who can help me to solve this issue?

Feel free to ask me more information. Thank you!

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Hello, RBorg11.


Good day,


Thank you for contacting the Intel Community Support.


I checked your ticket regarding the System Preparation Tool involving the Optane™ software, I will be glad to assist you.


In this case, since this is not a direct problem with the Optane Memory or its management software, but an error with the third-party tool you are using, my recommendation is to check the documentation or contact the developer of that tool in particular.


I found some information in the link below (see disclaimer*), but please keep in mind this is a third-party link not related to intel in any way and this goes beyond our scope of support

- Link:

- Information I wanted to point out:


"Installing new Microsoft Store apps or updating your existing Microsoft Store apps before generalizing a Windows image will cause Sysprep to fail. Sysprep /generalize requires that all apps are provisioned for all users; however, when you update an app from the Microsoft Store, that app becomes tied to the logged in user account. The following error appears in the Sysprep log files (located at %WINDIR%\System32\Sysprep\Panther):

<package name> was installed for a user, but not provisioned for all users. This package will not function properly in the sysprep image."


- Disclaimer*: Intel may supply links to third party sites, providing such links or help only constitutes suggestions and should not be mistaken as an endorsement or recommendation for any specific action. Performing actions recommended by third-party vendors can result in improper operation, damage to the board, processor or SSD Intel is not responsible for such actions.


If you have any questions and I can be of assistance, please let me know.


Best regards,


Bruce C.

Intel Customer Support Technician

A Contingent Worker at Intel

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Dear Bruce,


Thank you for your prompt reply!

I´ll follow the instructions attached in link you kindly provided me.


Best Regards,


Roberto B.



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