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IntelMAS Tool ARM support




My organization has a bunch of the SSD D3-S4510 SSDs with the firmware bug seen on XCV10110. Support has informed us that the best way to remediate this issue is to update to firmware version XCV10120.


It would be great to see the intelmas CLI tool available for ARM / AARCH64, as we have quite a few ARM-based servers that we are unable to update the SSDs in (aside from shutting the server down, transferring all the drives to an x86-based machine, and putting all the drives back). Currently the only options in the zip file are x86 and i386.


Just a suggestion to the Intel team. Would be neat to see one day.

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Hello, JGoet3.


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Thank you for contacting the Intel Community Support.


I can certainly submit your feedback regarding the Intel® Memory and Storage Tool to the appropriate team so they can take this into consideration for future releases.


If you require any type of assistance, you can always contact us back.


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