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SSD Toolkit crashes windows

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I have a MSI X570-A PRO motherboard with 32GB G.Skill DDR4-3200 and an R5 3600 CPU, RTX 2080

in M2_1 slot I have the 665p 2TB installed

in M2_2 slot I have the 660p 512GB installed


Windows 10 version 2004 Pro


Intel driver update tool works but no new update to resolve this problem

for windows 10 the TRIM feature should be greyed out as windows handles it fine

all that is needed is to clear the cache


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Hi @Vegan 

1. I'm not sure what version of Intel SSD Toolbox are you using. The latest version is Version: 3.5.14

2. I suggest, however, to install the latest Intel® Memory and Storage Tool (Intel® MAS) (which replaces the Intel SSD Toolbox).



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The memory and storage tool was able to find a firmware update for my 660p SSD. 


The memory and storage tool does not have any functionality to clear the cache to improve device performance.



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The memory and diagnostic tool also crashes windows 10 v 2004


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I have an Intel 800GB 750 series SSD drive and the whilst the basic drive information displays OK and is nicely presented the SSD optimiser function fails to run reporting an error when using either the latest version of the Intel Memory and Storage tool or the Intel SSD toolbox, where the error is reported as 10/106.(see attached screenshot)

I have Windows 10 Pro installed version 2004 installed with the latest updates and the optimise function worked fine on my PC prior to install of 2004 so I am guesing this is an incompatibility issue that failed to be picked up in testing. I have reinstalled IMAS once and rebooted and restarted several times the error does not go away. I see on the internet forums other people are reporting similar issues so I hope this will be fixed asap.

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I use Crystal Disk Report which seems to be well developed for storage evaluation. I was able to determine a fault existed on a hard disk and I was able to correct it by writing zero to all sectors to get the disk to activate the sector spares.


Crystal Disk report also tells me how much of my old SSD remains (95%) while my most recent one still shows 100%.


Now that the firmware for my 660p has been installed, I wonder if the unit will be more reliable over time.

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