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isdct version 3.0.0 does not detect P4510/4610 drives


I am trying to configure namespace on a drive that has namespace corrupted. The intel isdct tool version 213/3.0.0 do not detect the drives. However, nvme cli on Linux is able to detect the drives.


What I notice is that even though the drive is 1Tb, the namespace is shown as 512Gb and trying to delete or create a new namespace via the intel tool doesn't work.



[root@avenger12 storcli2]# nvme list
Node SN Model Namespace Usage Format FW Rev
---------------- -------------------- ---------------------------------------- --------- -------------------------- ---------------- --------
/dev/nvme0n1 BTLJ113304141P0FGN INTEL SSDPE2KX010T8 1 512.17 GB / 512.17 GB 512 B + 0 B VDV10131
[root@avenger12 storcli2]# isdct version
- Version Information -
Name: Intel(R) Data Center Tool
Version: 3.0.0
Description: Interact and configure Intel SSDs.

[root@avenger12 storcli2]# isdct show -intelssd
No results

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I am running this on Linux 8.3 and the Intel system support utility is not supported on it ( as per the message posted ), however I am attaching the logs from the output of the command 


./ -o=All_Information.txt


Hello, Siddharth_Moghe.

Thank you for posting on the Intel Community Support forum.

I received your thread regarding Intel DCT not being able to recognize the P4510 and P4610 drives, I will be glad to assist you.

The Intel Data Center Tool has been discontinued and replaced with the Intel Memory and Storage Tool CLI, so I would recommend trying using this other tool:

- Download:

- The Installation and User guides are available on the same page.

I also noticed that you uploaded the SSU file, but I could not find the drives under "Storage", how are the drives connected to the system?

If the drive is part of a RAID not managed by Intel® RST, Intel® RSTe, or Intel® VROC, you will have to remove it from the array and do it separately as Intel MAS will not be able to recognize it, and this also applies if the drive is connected to a controller card.

Additionally, how many drives do you have and how many are being affected?

I will follow up on June 25th or you can let me know if additional time is required.

Best regards,

Bruce C.

Intel Customer Support Technician


Hello, Siddharth_Moghe.

Good day,

I wanted to follow up on your community thread to check if additional assistance is required.

The thread will be closed on June 30th, but please let me know if I can be of assistance.

Best regards,

Bruce C.

Intel Customer Support Technician


Hello, Siddharth_Moghe.

Greetings from; Intel® Memory and Storage support.

We were reviewing your community thread, which is related to the Intel® SSD Data Center Tool. We recommended you use the Intel® Memory and Storage Tool CLI (Command-Line Interface) instead.

Since we have not heard from you in a while, we are going to close this community thread.

If you need further assistance related to an Intel® product, please do not hesitate to contact us back by opening a new thread.

Best regards,

Jos B.

Intel® Customer Support Technician.