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Machine Learning with OpenCL

Hello All,  


I am quite new to machine learning and was doing a project for a class which may involve the usage of OpenCL. I am wondering if it's possible to do machine learning with OpenCL, more specifically, is it possible that OpenCL might have some libraries regarding this issue? Or is this something that I will have to build from scratch? I was interested in knowing if there was a library that could implement a decision tree but so far I haven't found anything regarding this. I would appreciate any help. 




Nick A.
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A few of the popular Machine Learning frameworks (Caffe, Theano, Tensorflow) have experimental OpenCL branches (search google, they are easy to find). Though of course they might not work at all out of the box and they will definitely not work on FPGAs out of the box and you will have to do some modifications to get them to work on an FPGA. Needless to say, the initial performance on an FPGA will be terrible since the kernels are optimized for GPUs, and if you want proper performance, you also have to manually optimize the kernels.