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Request Quartus II Web Edition 11.1 for the Board Test System seems not working with other releases.


To moderator:

I'm learning CPLD development and recently purchased the MAX V dev kit(5M570Z).

The official printed Quick Start Guide in the box shows there's a Boart Test System in the example files.

The latest Quartus Prime does not contain this resource. So I grabbed the latest available example pack  from this page(the "Complete kit document installation" in Document section of this page):

The latest version of the example pack is marked as 11.1 on that page, but the Boart Test System in this pack is not able to work with the latest version(v20.1) of Quartus Lite installed.  I searched for other related questions and discovered that many new users have this problem too since the Quatus v14 age and solved it by installing the corresponding version of Quartus(v10.1 or v11).

But Intel removed Quartus prior to version 13. Choose to download the version prior to v13 lead me to a page to contact the sales manager. It's not possible for personal developers/learners like me. So I'm not able to download 11.1/11.1 sp2 from anywhere. Based on the archive page, the file name should be "11.1sp2_quartus_free_windows.exe" and the md5 hash is "d1b3aa6b06d8670db626d663bb198a19".(

So I request a valid download link of Quartus II Web Edition 11.1 sp2 release. And highly recommend Intel re-release a pack of the example/BTS of MAX V for properly working with the latest Quartus Prime Lite. As the Quick Start Guide in the devkit box is really misleading to the new users.


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Hi George,

Link for Quartus II Web Edition 11.1 sp2 is likely impossible as Intel has discontinue the version and I am sorry for that. Anyways can you try to use Quartus II Web Edition 13.0sp1 with the latest version of the example pack marked as 11.1?

Let me know if this works.

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Thanks, if there is completely no hope to download the v11.1, I will try v13.1 as you said.

I will do that today or tomorrow and leave feedback for the result.


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I have finished the test, it seems it's working with Quartus II v13.1 installed but not all features are working. I leave my steps and questions here for further reference in case any one meet the same problem.


Testing environment:


As I mentioned in the previous post, I have installed "Complete kit document v11.1" with the Quartus Prime v20.1. But running the Board Test System from Start Menu won't bring up any UI. After Quartus II v13.1 gets installed(while v20.1 is not uninstalled from the OS), the BTS can show its main UI properly. The GPIO and Power tabs are working ok. I can verify the buttons and touch components on board.

But there's still one problem. By reference to the UserGuide pdf file from the "Complete kit document" installation, there should be a "Config" menu entry in-between the FIle and About. But I can not find this menu on my BTS. I'm still investigating if it's caused by the version upgrade of BTS itself or caused by the improper version of Quartus II installed(which lead to failure of initialization of some part of BTS). As there is no v11.1 that can be installed as the reference environment, I will keep on my study to see if there's anything I missed. I will update this post if I get the answer in the future.


To Intel tech supporters. I know MAX V is an aged product, even before Intel purchasing Altera. But as the development/evaluation board products are still sold on the market, I think the corresponding version of the Quartus should be kept for enough long time, or the peripheral software like BTS and guide documents should be updated to working with the newest Quartus. Or that may create unnecessary barriers to new users.

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Thanks for your feedback,

For old version of Quartus, you may have to look into the system requirement that it support:

Quartus 13.1.4 supporting

System Requirements


Operating system support


* Windows 7 (64 and 32 bit)

* Windows XP SP2 (64 and 32 bit)

* Windows XP Pro X64 Edition

* Windows Server 2008 R2 (64 bit)

* Windows 8 (64 bit)

* Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (64 bit)

* Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (64 and 32 bit)

Which means you need an older version of OS to test on it. Try to migrate everything to the latest device or Quartus if you would like to use windows 10.


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Any further queries?

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No more problem. You can close the question.

If I found a way to solve to Config Menu problem in BTS. I will be back and update this topic.



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Hi ,


Any update on how to use other Tabs in BTS ?

I am also facing the same issue i.e only GPIO and Power Tab only can be used. All other tabs are not functioning.

Attached the image for your reference.



Appreciate your help at the earliest !




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