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adding megafunctions with uppercase names

Apologies if this has already been answered. 


I am a complete newb in FPGA.  

Been trying to add lpm_mux gate from megafunctions 

for a Quartus II 16.1 lite edition on Ubuntu 16.04 (just downloaded the latest) in a bdf form (following "my 1st fpga"...). 

Cannot click it to see its ports (only properties). 

Now it seems that in some files, lpm_mux is defined as LPM_MUX (uppercase), whereas  

the files themselves are in lpm_mux (lowercase). 


Manually copying the lowercase files to uppercase files seems to resolve this (e.g., lpm_mux.tdf to LPM_MUX.tdf). 

Now surely in Windows, this won't be a problem - but in Linux it is...  


What am I missing here? 

What have I done wrong?
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