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Reserving a section in



I'd like to implement a binary loader inside SGX enclave. I want to reserve a section in sgx enclave via ld script so as to I can load my app dynamically into this memory region at runtime.

I add my reserve section in the ld scrtipt as

reserved :

    . += 0x1000;

at the end of the ld script (which I copied it from the output of 'ld -verbose').

Building enlave successfully via above ld script, but failed at the sgx sign process as

$: sgx_sign sign -key Enclave/Enclave_private.pem -enclave -out -config Enclave/Enclave.config.xml
<!-- Please refer to User's Guide for the explanation of each field -->
The input enclave file is not correct.
Error happened while signing the enclave.

Is there any requirement for SGX enclave sections for the signning tool? I can't get any information about this from the developer manual, so hopefully I can get the answer here.


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