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Transfer messages over network


I'm using the remote attestation example that was provided to build my current application. Unfortunately the network transfer between the application and the service provider has not been implemented in the example.

I have noticed that the function calls for retrieving the messages such as "sgx_ra_get_msg1" all work with the predefined structures "ra_samp_request_header_t" and "ra_samp_response_header_t".

I tried to send these structures over the network with boost::asio but have experienced major difficulties to do so, since the storing of the structures is architecture dependent.

What would be a good way to transfer the messages in C++ between the application and the SP?


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Hi, Svart. A full Remote Attestation example was provided here: This example uses Casablanca, but I have been able to use Restbed in its place. For formatting messages, you could use a JSON string. I am currently using json-cpp for that. Casablanca - Restbed - Json-cpp - Best regards, Rodolfo
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