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how can i make ias-ra-data for the IAS example(sgx-ra-sample) to run?

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I follow offical Remote Attestation End-to-End Example to learn how to contact with IAS  (   ,for run this example,i want to make ias-ra-data. I have sent a email to intel for certificate ,but i got a email response is:  


Thank you for contacting Intel® Trusted Services Infrastructure. We have opened case #50288 to address your request. 

In order to move forward with your request please respond to this email with your certificate as an attachment (in .txt format).  Please ensure that a common name is included in the certificate.

If you need help with creating this certificate, please visit: 
Creating a Self Signed Certificate 
Certificate Requirements 

Upon receiving and validating your certificate we will acknowledge and process your request. 

If you need additional assistance please respond to this email with your questions.


The question is i dont kown  how to find the  attachment (in .txt format) , i referenced the two step of the email provided,but I still don't know how to get this attachment.   I hope somebady can help me,i cant move forward about this.


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