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3D Interpolation?



I'm interested in interpolating large 3D data sets (let's say, for example, 200 X 200 X 2000 =80,000,000 data points). That is, given a set of coordinates (x_i,y_j,z_k) defining a Cartesian mesh in 3D, with known function values on the mesh f(x_i, y_j, z_k), I'd like to calculate the function values f(x,y,z) at arbitrary points in space within the computation volume. I've noticed that the 3D data processing functions in IPP have this functionality built in. I've also noticed that MKL has 1D algorithms built in. Is there a way to call the interpolation functions used in IPP by themselves? Or, is 3D interpolation built into MKL somewhere? If someone has an example of using an Intel library to interpolate a simple function like sin(x*y*z), or knows where to find such an example, I would greatly appreciate it. Please help, I'm totally stumped at this point.

Thank you for your time,

Ryan H

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Hi Ryan,

IPP 3D interpolation is designed for resize not simple data fitting. In MKL, there's only 1D spline-based interpolation. And besides tri-linear interpolation, I am afraid other multi-dimentional interpolation methods could not be computed simply by superposing 1D interpolation methods.

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Hi Fiona,

Thank you also for your response to this question as well.

I figured so after I couldn't find a reference to how to actually use the IPP interpolation functions. However, I wanted to ask anyway.

Would you happen to know if there is any plan to incorporate a 3D interpolation algorithm into MKL? It would be a very nice thing to have (for me at least). There doesn't seem to be a library out there that is as optimized as MKL, and includes higher order spline interpolation in 3D.

Thanks again,

Ryan H