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Community License clarification



I would like to get clarification on if a selling a commercial product using MKL for some internal computations needs any special license or if the community license is sufficient. All developers active in the module that uses MKL have registered as per the download site. As far as I can tell the named user section of the EULA should apply, i.e. this is not a "non-commercial" license and redistribution should be fine. However in the FAQ here it says

Can I redistribute the Intel Math Kernel Library with my application?

Yes. When you purchase Intel MKL, you receive rights to redistribute computational portions of Intel MKL with your application. The evaluation versions of Intel MKL do not include redistribution rights. The list of files that can be redistributed is provided in redist.txt included in the Intel MKL distribution with product license.

Since the community license isn't purchased, is it exempt or considered evaluation/research?

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Hi Erik,
Thank a lot for the reporting.  we will coordinate with internal team to consider to fix them.

The similar  FAQ seems in 

Can I redistribute the Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) with my application?
Dynamic library files can be redistributed in accordance with the terms of the applicable Intel EULA. You may incorporate the functions of the static libraries into your Product and distribute your Product, however, you may not distribute the static libraries as standalone files

and Yes, the community license ​is sufficient to distribute the file listed in redist.txt.

Community Licensing is provided as a Named-User License per our standard end user licensing agreement, without support, and with no fees, no royalties, and no restrictions on company or project sizes.

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Dear All,

Add clarify, we  removed  The "named user" restriction and  simplify the MKL license agreement now.

MKL  follow the  Intel Simplified Software License

See more in



The Intel Simplified Software License applies to the following products:

  • Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL)
  • Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP)
  • Intel® Distribution for Python
  • Intel® Machine Learning Scaling Library (Intel® MLSL)

The Intel License for Installer Program applies to just the Installer Program used with the following products.  The products themselves are licensed under the Intel Simplified Software License above.

  • Intel® MKL
  • Intel® IPP
  • Intel® MLSL
  • Intel® Distribution for Python


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