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Compile-link CVF source via command line w/ MKL 7.0 sparse solver

I've stuggled with MKL Premier Services on this one without much luck.
I want to compile-link a simple test program (x.f) that calls the new
Paradiso sparse solver in MKL 7.0 -- but I want to use the command line --
I'm NOT using a "project". I'm using the DSS... interface to the solver
(same as was in CXML).
This does not work:
f90 x.f mkl_solver.lib mkl_s.lib
The compile is fine. The link step says all the _DSS.. routines
are unresolved.
I can use above command to compile-link to a routine in mkl_s.lib
(vsexp for example).
Compiler: CVF 6.6 (C)
MKL 7.0 (just rec'd)
W2KPro SP4
Thanks for any suggestions !
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