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Convert CSR matrix to CSC one


I used mkl_dcsrcsc to convert a CSR matrix to a CSC one. After updating MKL, this routine is marked deprecated. As far as I understand, now I should use inspector-executor routines. However, mkl_sparse_?_export_csr exports a matrix only into a 4-arrays variation of CSR/CSC format, whereas the original routine mkl_dcsrcsc exports into a 3-arrays variation, which I need. Although in all my simple tests for the pointers returned by mkl_sparse_?_export_csr the relation rows_end = rows_start + 1 holds, it seems that there is no guarantee that I can use rows_start as a rowIndex array.

Is there a way to perform a conversion CSR <-> CSC with 3-arrays variation format using non-deprecated routines?


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