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Drop in performance (BLAS, MKL)




I faced problem when implemented OpenBALS and MKL. Sizes of task were 16000 - 18000, step = 64 (i.e. 16000, 16064, 16128.......18000). The task was implemented on Cluster with 24 nodes of haswell architecture (two sockets, cache = 30MB). The question is: why does performance has deep drop when size is 16384? Both of application have the same drop in performance when size is 16384. I do not have big experience in programming and I ask about any thoughts. The miss rate also significantly increased in this size (this is why performance is decreased). Also, why does it happen in this size? 

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Size OpenBLAS (Speed, mflops) MKL (speed, mflops)
16256 738278.342719 803630.559752
16320 734915.036548 805445.625905
16384 661585.465594 642552.265062
16448 719808.609165 797099.170117
16512 745339.961848 804849.076513
16576 742787.216771 803981.951285
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