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IMSL library call to Intel MKL



I've recently re-compiled some Fortran code which uses the Intel MKL and the IMSL libraries.  The code had compiled and run correctly under earlier releases ( 18.0.124 and earlier) of the compiler & MKL.  There is a call from c:\Program Files (x86)\VNI\imsl\fn701\Intel64\lib\imslmkl_dll.dll to a routine in the MKL which is not being found.  Has something changed in the new release (18.3.210) of MKL which makes it no longer compatible with IMSL 7.01.  ?

The Error is:

"Entry Point Not Found

The procedure entry point mkl_lapack_ao_zunmqr could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\Program Files (x86)\VNI\imsl\fnl701\Intel64\lib\imslmkl_dll.dll" 

Note: I am not compiling for Intel phi and there are no calls to zunmqr in my code...

I was using INCLUDE 'link_fnl_shared.h'

When I re-install version 8.0.124 of the Fortran compiler and re-compile, the code runs fine.  When I install the latest update 3 (18.3.210) and re-compile I get an "Entry Point Error" as above.  If I re-install 18.0.124 and re-compile all runs fine again.  Also if 18.0.124 is the most recent Install performed I can still select 18.3.210 and re-compile and all runs fine.  If I re-install 18.3.210 the error re-occurs even if I run an executable the was compiled while the 18.0.124 version was used to compile.  So it does not appear to be a compiler versionissue, but a runtime issue between the IMSL library and what ever version of MKL is being accessed after the 18.3.210 Fortran install. 

I've re-compiled using INCLUDE 'link_fnl_static.h'  and the code appears to run file, however I have not re-installed ver 18.3.210...  I will try this combination next...

Thanks for any assistance,  I'd like to be able to keep the code up to date with the latest compiler/MKL and IMSL libs !

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yes, this is a known problem with latest version of mkl 2018. We broken  backward compatibility and we are planning to fix the issue into next MKL 2018 update 4 and in newest version MKL 2019 ( Initial Release). 


Can you tell me the latest versions of Intel Fortran & MKL that are compatible with the IMSL ver 7.1 Libraries ?