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Intel MKL 10.2 update 7 is now available


New in Intel MKL 10.2 Update 7:

  • LAPACK: Threaded QR factorization with pivoting (DGEQP3) on Itanium architecture
  • PARDISO/DSS: Added true F90 overloaded API (see the Intel MKL reference manual for more information)
  • PARDISO: Improved the readability of the statistical reporting
  • Sparse BLAS: Improved performance of ?BSRMM functions on Intel Core i7 processors
  • FFTs: Support for negative strides
  • FFT examples: Added examples for split-complex FFTs in C and Fortran using both the DFTI and FFTW3 interfaces
  • Poisson Library: Changed the default behavior of the Poisson library functions from sequential to threaded operation
  • Bug fixes

This release is provided primarily to provide bug fixes to those customers that cannot at this time move to Intel MKL 10.3

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