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Hi all,

I've been told by Vladimir (he posts in the forum) use the have MKL 9.1. So I tried all these commands:

nmake ia32 MKLREDIST="C:\\Documents and settings\\myUser\\desktop\\Intel_MKL_C#_Examples"

nmake ia32 MKLROOT="C:\\Documents and settings\\myUser\\desktop\\Intel_MKL_C#_Examples"

nmake ia32 MKLROOT="C:\\program files\\intel\\ml\\9.1"

nmake ia32 MKLREDIST="C:\\program files\\intel\\ml\\9.1"

And I'm getting the same error message. Seems that for this version (9.1) there's no "mkl_intel_c_dll.lib" file. I've found that there's one called "mkl_c.lib". I was thinking that maybe that file is the same (but it's the 9.1 version), so I renamed it to "mkl_intel.....", and got another error. This time it's asking for another file "mkl_intel_thread_dll.lib", and I haven't found any "similar" file name for it.

I know that doing this is not going to fix the situation...but I've no choice but to try there anything else that I could do with it?


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renaming will not help with that.
Version 10.* has been redesigned completely compare with version 9.1.We physically separated the interface, threading and computational components of the Intel MKL version 10.0.You can see two zip files ( specifically, they have been tested for 10.1.1 and 10.3 beta versions) into that article.You can try to modify the makefile to add specifically 9.1 version but I 'd recommend you to try 10.3 version (evaluation) first.