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Intel MKL last version + Microsoft Visual Studio 2011 BEta

Hi All,

I have mvs2008 & mvs2010 installed on my computer, and I've just installed mvs2011beta. Of course I know that intel is not supposed to give information on how to be able to use the MKL with a beta version of mvs, but I'm sure that linking to the MKL in mvs2011beta should be the same as in mvs2010, but without the integration plugin.

That is, to be precise : in mvs2010, for linking to the MKL, you can right click on MyProject, then Properties, then Intel Performance Libraries, and it it you choose what kind of makl (sequential, parallel) you want. When this is done, your project is linking to the MKL, and everything is alright.

This appear to be simple because of the mvs2010 integration component coming with the installation of the MKL. I'm sure of this : having the integration component is optional, so during the MKL if one chooses not to install the integration tool, there must be a way to nevertheless link to the MKL.

This way should the way used to link to the MKL in mvs2011beta as well.

Does someone has and idea for it ?

Thx a lot !
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Hi Raphael,

As you know our current version of MKL will not be validated or doesn't have an integration to VS 2011 beta, what you can do is to use Project-> Properties->C/C++->General and specify "Additional Include Directories" and Under the Linker->"Additioanl Library Directories" specify mkl libs dir. Include MKL libs in Linker->Input->"Additional Dependencies".

Please refer our linkline advisor for more details on what libs to be linked for your application.

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