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Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) on CentOS 7, CPU IA-64 E5-2683v3


Hi all,

I registered free license for MKL and installed on CentOS 7.2, CPU E5-2683v3 with errors:

Error: A license for MKernL could not be obtained
Your license restricts the platforms on which our software may be run,
and your system (IA-64 architecture; Linux*) is not one of the allowed platforms:
    IA-32 architecture; Linux*
    Intel(R) 64 architecture; Linux*

My license info:

feature name:                  MKernL (INCREMENT line)
    (license is valid, i.e., has a valid signature)
    serial number:                 SMSA9236VJK7
    license expires:               24-aug-2017
    license maintenance expires:   2017.0824
    type of license:               uncounted (unlimited number of users)
    allowed platforms:
            i86_r          (IA-32 architecture; Linux*)
            i86_re         (IA-32 architecture; Linux*)
            amd64_re       (Intel(R) 64 architecture; Linux*)

How can i get license for my platform (IA-64 architecture; Linux*)?


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Black Belt

It doesn't make sense that E5-2683v3 would be treated as IA-64. It should be seen as Intel64.  Are you certain that you didn't try to install on Itanium?  What do you see in /proc/cpuinfo  and uname -a ?

In the past, Intel has not tested installation on CentOS vs. corresponding Red Hat, so it's just possible there's a bug in the install scripts (or maybe CentOS 7.2 is too recent).

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