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MKL Performance issue in threaded application



We are working on RNN kernel optimization and we are trying to parallel 2 SGEMM on 2 socket SKX6148 server( 20 core per socket).

The SGEMM size is M = 20, N = 2400, K = 800.

Our target is to map the first SGEMM to socket0 and the other SGEMM to socket1.

We measured the GFLOPS with this benchmark(, and got the following performance data:

I found that the performance of OMP+MKL or TBB MKL is not as good as we expect, and i'm not sure if i miss something with MKL in threaded application.

BTW, the pthread+MKL solution is not suitable for our real case , as it will double the threads and make the performance even worse.

Thanks in advance.

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