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MKL SCALAPACK PZGEMM Subroutine desca and descb input argument incompatiblilty

These integer array arguments to the Intel MKL scalapack pzgemm subroutine are specified to be 8 elements in length in the p?gemm documentation with no additional documentation found for what is included in each element. The documentation for the same scalapack subroutine specifies these arguments to be at least 9 elements. Where can I find a description of what is included in the Intel MKL 8 element implementation of these arguments. My code is crashing at the call to pzgemm using the 9 element array specified in
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I took a look at the PBLAS Hompage and see that while they do have a general description of DESC_A as a9 elementarray, they go on to add detail further down the page on PvGEMM and call desca an array of dimension 8. I don't know immediately what is going on, but it seems that if you solve the riddle of what is going on for this netlib documentation, you might have more insight into Intel MKL where P?GEMM documentationmirrors that onnetlib.

I'll investigate and share what I find unless someone beats me to it with a good explanation.
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Please look at the PBLAS -> Overview page of the MKL documentation. On that page there is a table that describes the nine elements.

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