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MKL access violation, only occur when my problem scale goes up.


Hi everyone, 

  I'm coding for a scientific problem, when my time step and space step becomes small(like 1e-5 for time step), my code always fail. But not for bigger step size. I'm evaluating my algorithm's convergence rate and the result is OK . In my code, I only use fgmres and few sparse matrix formation functions. For fgmres module, I modified official tutorial case to suit my problem, most part is used directly(like RCI_Request branch routines). Hope someone can give me some advise. Thank you.

error occurs in this line:

mkl_sparse_d_trsv(transA, 1.0, csrL, descrL, &tmp[ipar[21] - 1], trvec);


Problem Detail: Exception raised at 0x7A062D3A (mkl_intel_thread.dll) (located in difflim1d1order.exe): 0xC0000005: An access violation occurred while reading location 0xCCCCCCF0.



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This is an unknown issue with the current version of MKL. You may give us the reproducer or submit the official report to the Intel Online Service Center.