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Pardiso - storing factorized array

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Hello, I am using pardiso through a subroutine in a program (made with Intel Visual Fortran). I call pardiso with phase=12, then I call with phase=33 (to obtain the solution). There are some cases where I have to use pardiso again, while the coefficient array has not changed from the previous call. In such cases, I do not need to conduct the factorization from scratch, and I would like to use pardiso through my subroutine only once, for phase=33, as the factorization of the coefficient array has already been done in previous calls. I wanted to ask if this is doable, and - if yes - how can I ensure that the factorization of my sparse coefficient array will be kept stored for future calls to pardiso.  

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.  Hello, you may try to use pardiso_handle_store/restore functions to store/restore internal data to / from file

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