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Problems running Linpack Benchmark


I am new to running the Linpack Benchmark in Windows 7 and have a few questions.  I am running (2) Intel  E5-2680 CPU in a Gigabyte GA-7PESH2 server.  The test was originally run about 10 months ago using Linpack for 65528 runs.  At output I had the following:

CPU Frequency: 3.416 GHZ
Time: 1009.290
GFLOPS: 185.8633

I recently ran the same test after updating the BIOS and got the following:

CPU Frequency: 2.639 GHZ
Time 1177.527
GFLOPS: 159.3084

I then downloaded the new Linpack version and got the following (*note I was running the version as is with no changes, so I ran only 40000 equations)

CPU Frequency : 2.698
Time: 525.368
GFLOPS: 81.2190

Can anyone help me understand or point me in the right direction as to why I am losing GFLOPS . Also is the difference between the two Linpack versions so great that I could have that big of a discrepancy? Thank You.

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