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Qmkl:cluster and dynamic linking


I tend to use the dynamic run-time library for mixed C/Fortran projects. However, it seems like there is an incompatibility between /Qmkl:cluster and the dynamic run-time libraries (e.g. /libs:dll /threads /dbglibs). Using both flags causes the linker to look for mkl_blacs_intelmpi_dll.lib which does not exist.

I have fixed this before in my makefile projects by linking the required MKL lib files manually but it would be great if this issue could be addressed. Attached is a small Hello World project that reproduces the error; I am using the latest update (Dec. 20th 2011).

Also, I am using the Visual Studio GUI right now so I have no idea how to call the mpiifort wrapper from there. Is there something I should when compiling in that environment aside from adding the MPI inlcude and lib paths ?


Michel Lestrade
Crosslight Software
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Hi Michel,

Indeed, there is no such library.
mkl_blacs_dll.lib should have been used instead.
One thing you can try is to create a copy of mkl_blacs_dll.lib and name it mkl_blacs_intelmpi_dll.lib.

Best regards,