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ScaLapack / BLACS with MKL


I am investigating using ScaLapack/PBLAS for a molecular modelling code in C++ that I am working on.  I have access to the MKL on the cluster computers that I work with, but I would also like to be able to use ScaLapack on my desktop to test the code in development and also run small calculations. 

I downloaded the trial version C++ compiler to test how it would work with my code, but it does not seem to include ScaLapack.  The main point that I am currently stuck on is how to link in the BLACS functions needed to initialise a program to use PBLAS and ScaLapack.  Does ScaLapack only come with the Cluster Studio version of the MKL, or is there something that I am missing in linking in the correct libraries?




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no, ScaLapack available even is standalone version of MKL. the cause of the problem you don't see the ScaLapack libs, as I guess, is the Install Option introduced since 11.1 version of MKL. Please see more details into this article : I hope this will help you. 


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