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Sparse Solver Issues


Hi Guys,

I have been working on using MKL sparse solver. I recently run into two problems that maybe one of you has had:

1. I get an error in:

error=dss_factor_real(handle,type, Stiffnes);
Unfortunately I cant see the error because the window closes as soon as it happens it doesnt have time to go into the second command

if(error!= MKL_DSS_SUCCESS) goto printError.

On the bottom of the solver screen (MS Visual C++) it states:

Standard Test.exe: Native has exited with code -1

Anyone can explain what this means? and how I can fix it?



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In the properties sheet for Test project (right click on TEST in the solution explorer).

Then Click on Config then Debugging. Add the text ">output.txt", no quotes, to command arguments, set the working directory if necessary. The projects Debug directory will do if one isn't set already.

Before you make a debug run, click on the VS tool bar Debug, then Exceptions, then open [+] the Win32 exceptions. Recored the check boxes (Alt-PrtScr works when exceptions window in focus, past into Paint, or winword) Then check additional boxes for common exceptions, Access Violations, Data Misalignment, Illegal Instruction, Array Bounds, Floating Point errors, Integer errors. Note, not all floating point errors are show stoppers (e.g. underflow).

Then run the application. If a break is not encountered then open "$(ProjectDirectory)Debugoutput.txt" substitute the correct path.

Jim Dempsey

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Thank you so much Jim for your response.

Do you know by any change what the maximum number of unknowns that the Sparse solver can solve with the 2 gig limit imposed my microsfot? I am doing all of this for my finite element code. My code has 20 node brick elements, so if I have 10000 elements at 20 node brick per element times 4 degres of freedom per node we are looking at 800K unknowns. Would you know what the maximum number of unknowns you can solve with the 2 Gig limit?

Thanks in advance.

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