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The uppercase aliases (w/ trailing underscore) for LAPACK functions are missing from the libs

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Note: I mentioned the following already as a side-note in this bug-report, but I thought an exclusive bug-report would be better.


I noticed that although the mkl_lapack.h header (of MKL 2022.1.0) always declares four alternative functions for the same LAPACK function (one with an all lowercase name, one with an all uppercase name, one with all lowercase and trailing underscore and one with all uppercase and trailing underscore), the alternatives with an all uppercase name and trailing underscore are NOT compiled into the libraries.


For example, the four alternatives cgesvdq, cgesvdq_, CGESVDQ and CGESVDQ_ are declared as functions in mkl_lapack.h, but in the static or dynamic libraries only symbols for cgesvdqcgesvdq_, CGESVDQ and mkl_lapack__cgesvdq_ can be found, while the latter is nowhere declared (and is probably the original function (symbol) for which the four other names are just alias symbols).


I recommend to also export alias symbols for all the functions declared in mkl_lapack.h, whose names are written all uppercase with a trailing underscore.

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we will fixed this case into one of the next updates and keep this thread updated.


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