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Upgrading MKL completely trashed Visual Studio 15


I updated the MKL toolkit today to 2017 Update 1 (even though I had just installed it yesterday --, for whatever reason, the intel manager thought it needed to be updated), and immediately after this, I noticed I can no longer view .cpp or .h files in the Visual Studio editor window. The edit window is just blank, even though the file tabs are there, and all other aspects of the files seem to work, such as properties window, class browser, etc. Weirdly, I CAN view C# files just fine.

It doesn't matter whether I have a solution loaded or not, the edit windows for any C++ files I try to view just remain blank even though the tab(s) are there.

Just before upgrading MKL, I had been in Visual Studio and everything was working normally. After closing VS and then doing the MKL upgrade, that's when the problems occurred.

So now I seemingly have no choice but to reinstall Visual Studio. Not a happy camper, since this is on my production machine. Why is MKL messing with my Visual Studio environment without at least asking me whether I want it to?

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Dear customer,

It's a known VS bug, it's may caused by VS cache. You could follow this link to find the main cause & relevant solution, hope it would be helpful to you:

Code editor appears blank
Visual Studio 2015 text editor is blank and will not show the contents of code files

Best regards,

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