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Using iterative-direct solver in pardiso


I'm trying to use the iterative-direct solver in Pardiso by changing the default value of iparm[3]. However that didn't work.

I have a nonsymmetric matrix, so I set iparm[3] = 61. However, when I print out iparm[19], which contains the CG/CGS diagnostics information, it always says 0. That implies CG wasn't run at all. In my code, when I first solve the linear system, I set phase to be 13. After that, I set the phase to be 23 (so that it doesn't have to factorize every time). The input for my matrix type mtype is 11.

I then tried a symmetric positive definite matrix and set iparm[3] = 62. I set mtype to be 2. That didn't work either: iparm[19] returns 0. 

Did I miss anything?

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