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Visual Studio Integration 2017 with 2015 toolset


I have a C++ project in Visual Studio 2017, which is using the VS2015 toolset

I selected the VS2017 integration when I installed the MKL 2019.4.245, but I only see the integration options when the project is set to use the 2017 toolset.


To get the integration options in VS2017 for the 2015 toolset, I had to uninstall the MKL, install VS2015 (which took an hour), reinstall the MKL with the 2015 and 2017 integration options.  I now see the MKL integration in VS2017 when using the 2015 toolset.


Can you fix the MKL installer to work with the 2015 toolset when it is installed as part of 2017?





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